ARUGA PATENT OFFICE for patent application/acquisition in the chemical/biological fields


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Our History

Founded originally in 1968 by Mitsuyuki Aruga, Patent Attorney, the firm transformed into a corporate body in November 6, 2001 to accommodate its continued growth.

Since 1968, the firm has been engaged in numbers of application and prosecution of patent, utility model, design and trademark, where much of its work concentrated in the area of chemistry and related fields such as medicine, cosmetics and food products. Also, the firm has handled numerous cases in representing suit against appeal decision as well as infringement litigation. As we always have been, we promise to continue devoting our best to providing a reliable, high-quality service with our years of experience and in-depth expertise.

About our firm

Our Principle
We value having a direct dialogue with clients the most because we believe that is the fundamental step for us to be able to provide a quality service which best meets our client’s need. Patent application and prosecution as a matter of course, we welcome consultation on any matters related to intellectual property.
Field of practice
We put strength in Chemistry and related fields, medical device/equipment, circuit board and more. Especially in the field of chemistry, we have in-depth experience in medicine, cosmetics and food products.
Chemistry and related field
Medicine, Cosmetics, Food products, Inorganic/Organic materials, Polymer, Ceramics, etc
Biology and related field
Genetic engineering, Protein engineering, Microorganisms, Animal/Plant cells, Plants, Animals, etc
Machinery and related field
Devices, Medical equipment, Circuit board, etc
At our firm, 1-2 attorney(s) are directly responsible for the entire prosecution process for all patent applications. Our attorneys have a university/corporate R&D background or have worked in a company's intellectual property department. Our solid work experience allows us to fully understand the nature of inventions, how they are made and what they are intended for, from the client's point of view.
Our policy
Domestic application
Depending on the technical field, the most qualified attorney will directly handle the case. Based on our belief that thorough discussion is crucial for composing a strong specification, we try, as much as we can, to meet and talk with clients in person prior to drafting a specification.
Foreign application
Attorneys work cooperatively with our expert technical staff to assist prosecution of foreign patent application. We review and properly modify the description of specification and Claims in accordance with unique patent practice in each country at the time of filing of an application. We have been working closely with our foreign associates, which have enabled us to provide an efficient and reliable service.

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